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For every stage of the career and talent journey, a few things remain constant. Real career insight requires inquiry, experimentation and feedback. This is as true for how well-matched a team member is to their current role or how likely you are to enjoy a particular career path.

Mastery. In order to have true leverage in your career, autonomy and creative control, you're going to have to focus on developing core attributes. These might be transferrable between industries but getting undeniably good at some valuable skills is a sure-fire way to garner career fulfillment. 

And lastly, community. Hypothesizing in isolation about what your new career should look like is limiting. Re-invigorate and engage with a network who can confirm or deny your assumptions. Learn from people who have crossed the same bridge, about how they sped up their learning, or got the best opportunities. For teams shining a spotlight on Talent Development or individuals sharpening their career tools, taking advantage of shared knowledge and networks not only accelerates your journey but also de-risks some of the moves you need to make in order to succeed.

When it comes to career change

Successful Career Change can be broken down into a couple of key stages:

It starts with reflection. Starting with your own experiences, strengths and interests helps us to achieve a career change that results in real fulfillment for you. Through coaching, assessment and refinements we start to develop a picture of what might be a meaningful change.

After we have developed some hypotheses about what might work best for you, we need to gather some feedback. We design some experiments, prototypes and introductions for you to get some insight. Based on that information, we iterate experiences more closely linked to what works for you and start to narrow our search.

For the new career path search, we identify the elements that are crucial to include. What kind of environment do you work best it? What level of autonomy gets the best out of you? What are the financial aspirations you want to pursue? 

With these elements identified, we start to connect you to a network who can help you to break into a new arena and set you up to go for new opportunities

With an updated CV/Resume and some interview skills preparation, you are in a really strong place to take on your next opportunity.

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Feedback for Junction House and our coaches

You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Junction House. They knew the right questions to ask to get me on track with exactly what I needed to do.
— K. Roberts
Working with Kate was fantastic. She excels in translating your skills into the same language that top employers are seeking. She looked at my career experience, listened to my goals, and then helped me to articulate all of that into a defined skillset. She is highly-skilled, engaging and extremely intuitive. Working with Kate was a delightful and eye-opening experience, I cannot recommend her enough
— K. Silvers
Junction House helped me identify my personal strengths and weaknesses as well as character traits that could guide me toward my ideal situation.
— R. Yasmeen