Resume/CV review



It all started when...I overhauled my cv

The CV is your first impression. It's crucial that it reflects the interests each employer or role you are pursuing. Years of experience and stacks of qualifications are only as important as your capacity to make them relevant to the job your applying for. 

  1. For CV and Resume reviews, we start with you sending over:
    • whatever you have so far
    • a job description for a job you think you might like, as well as
    • a list of all the other things you've been involved in that aren't necessary relevant to your current role but might add to your overall impression
  2. Either via Skype or in person, we have a session where we work through the language and priorities evident in the job descriptions of roles you are pursuing. 
  3. Using this information, we will hone and copy edit your CV, highlighting why we are choosing certain words and providing a style guide to allow you to tailor it for any future roles. 
  4. You have the opportunity to provide a round of feedback based on all of that honing, and we provide a finished article.


For more details about the process, email us at