Interview Skills



It all started when...I Nailed the interview

You made it through the gauntlet of submitting applications and sending CVs. You stood out among the countless candidates they considered. Now you just have to impress them in person. 

At Junction House, our team have been interviewers, hiring managers and successful candidates. For Interview Skills, we have either a 2 or 3 part coaching programme. 

1. We hear from you what types of roles you are interviewing for, or hoping to. You send over a CV/Resume. You also outline which aspects of your current interview technique could benefit from some improvement.

2.a Either via Skype or in person, we have a 2hr session working through the fundamentals of a great interview. Using the latest interview techniques from tech, finance, business and beyond, we work through the type of experience you would like the hiring manager to have during your interview. We cover the basics and give you a chance to try out responses and potential problem-moments to see how we overcome them for your best outcome. 

2.b When you do have the first major interview you have the choice, without extra cost, to receive a 30 minute booster session focused on what that specific employer is likely to ask and require. 

The three part coaching programme has the above, but includes a mock interview. 

3.Nothing simulates the nerves and verbal stumbles of an interview like walking through one with someone you have never met. We organise a mock interview for you to try out the recently learned techniques but also to give you a chance to confront the psychology of actually going for an interview and to receive feedback from someone neutral that you can learn from before the real thing. 

This is a really valuable step and allows the candidate to be more at ease during their real world interviews. 

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