Optimise Retirement Planning


It all started when...I retired

There is no playbook written for life after retirement. You have worked for over 40 years and feel like you have earned a break, to take it easy for a while. This is all great initially, until restlessness starts to kick in. The days stretch out ahead and you start to cast around for what options are out there for you. 

We work with you on identifying, screening and co-ordinating those options. Learning from you how you might like to invest this time, and the sorts of projects you might like to get involved in.

This transition functions in many ways as career transition where you have the opportunity to try new things that your previous career didn't allow for. You have all of these skills and this experience. We work with you to find activities and projects that make you feel engaged and a sense of purpose at this stage of your working life. 

We tend to have three sessions but we engineer the coaching to suit wherever you are at personally.

1. We review your work life to date. What aspects of that you would keep and what you would gladly throw away. We look at new interests and ideas you might want to entertain now, and whether there are economic factors to consider. 

2. We look at practical opportunities to pursue those things. Ways to try them out or speak to someone who can give real insight into what it's like to be involved in x. We connect you with relevant organisations or persons to help you clarify if that really suits you and matches your values for this stage of the journey. 

3. We reflect and adjust. Based on what you learned from conversation and trying things out, we adjust our plan to reflect what we've learned and set you up to pursue those opportunities for yourself. 

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