Team Talent Development



It all started when...I focused on my team's careers

Talent Planning
Everyone on your team is thinking about their careers. They are doing this without you. When they have friction with their line manager or experience frustration within their role, they think 'things would be different somewhere else', or 'I should just move on, do something with purpose, be more fulfilled'. 

Job Fit
We advertise a vacancy based on a perceived need. We outline who that person should be and what skills they should have. Someone comes across that job description and works out how to bend themselves into the required shape. How to re-frame themselves, their skills and strengths into what's needed to get that job. They want a job, not necessarily this one. So a year down the road, we have a team of people who found their way into a role, and have executed the activities that role requires. What we don't know is if that's as much as they could do for the company, or if they themselves are realising that while they can indeed perform the tasks, it feels like writing with their weak hand. They suspect they could do better but to find out, they can't raise their hand and say. "I know I said I was a salesperson through and through but really I've been eyeing up the product team for months now". 

Learning and Development strategy advice
The new world of work is agile, changing, an employees market for the moment, and the opportunity for personal development is a top motivator for candidates across the board.

At Junction House, we design workshops that surface

  • the quiet career ambitions your team members are harboring
  • what strengths they would like to better employ
  • the projects they aspire to contribute to
  • the aspects of work-life balance they are considering when they think about their own careers
  • what they value in you as an employer and the areas they feel dubious about, that might motivate them to move on

Actionable Insights
As an employer you are investing in their development, realising that career mobility is a part of the culture but it's a conversation that you can have a more active role in. To you, we relay major risk areas and opportunities to resolve discontent before it festers. We will cover with the team how they could explore their interests within the company and what self-directed activities could resolve some areas of frustration. 


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